A Healthy Liver is Essential
With so many important functions, having a healthy liver is key to living well. If your liver is damaged, it affects almost your entire body, leading to poor health, or worse. ***

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This contact form is dedicated to send questions to a medical advisor regarding your liver.

Please note that if your questions concern report health, technical or medical questions regarding sanofi products, you should contact your personal physician.

* Demonstrated in 25 in vitro and 145 in vivo experiments with 43 different types of models and 8 different animal species Gundermann K-J. Pharmacol Rep 2011;63(3):643-59

** Liver Health Facts *** How the Liver Works # Todaysdietitian.com + Liverfoundation.org ^ Tips for Healthy Liver 

Essentiale is 300mg essential phospholipids. Always read the label. Use as directed & if symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.