Why Essentiale Works
Essentiale contains highly purified Essential Phospholipids (EPLs). Essential phospholipids fight oxidation, contain powerful antioxidants and help cellular damage reparation*

About Essentiale

What is Essentiale?

Essentiale is a preparation of 300mg of essential phospholipids (EPLs) derived from soya beans. See more why should I take Essentiale?

What are phospholipids?

Phospholipids are the building blocks of all cell membranes in the body, including the liver cells. They are essential for the structural and functional integrity of the cell.

The cell membrane is made up of two-layer of phospholipids as its basic framework. It protects the important elements inside the cell from the outside environment and controls what goes in and out of the cell. When the cell membrane is damaged, the function of the cell is weakened. Severe cell membrane damage may lead to cell death.


The cell


The cell membrane

* Demonstrated in 25 in vitro and 145 in vivo experiments with 43 different types of models and 8 different animal species Gundermann K-J. Pharmacol Rep 2011;63(3):643-59

** Liver Health Facts *** How the Liver Works # Todaysdietitian.com + Liverfoundation.org ^ Tips for Healthy Liver 

Essentiale is 300mg essential phospholipids. Always read the label. Use as directed & if symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.