What the Liver Does
As the largest organ inside your body, your liver performs over 500 functions essential for life**. In fact, the liver could be said to be the most important organ when it comes to metabolism and nutrition.^

Essentiale Worldwide

Essentiale is present in over 20 countries worldwide. It is marketed by a French company, Sanofi, one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the world today.

Essentiale has been backed by over 40 years of liver care expertise and is currently the No. 1 worldwide leader in sales amongst liver supplements (source: IMS Health Global Analysis A5B Hepatoprotectors Lipotropic & 03B1 Liver Remedies, constant euros, full year 2014). It has proven efficacy* and safety* with pharmaceutical grade and GMP certified.

*Gundermann K-J. Pharmacol Rep 2011;63(3):643-59.


* Demonstrated in 25 in vitro and 145 in vivo experiments with 43 different types of models and 8 different animal species Gundermann K-J. Pharmacol Rep 2011;63(3):643-59

** Liver Health Facts *** How the Liver Works # Todaysdietitian.com + Liverfoundation.org ^ Tips for Healthy Liver 

Essentiale is 300mg essential phospholipids. Always read the label. Use as directed & if symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.