Aids in Digestion
Known as the food processor of the body, the liver helps out during digestion by performing many chemical functions. Once the food is broken down after we eat, it is brought to the liver. It is here where food is restructured before they are distributed to other parts of our body. Without this function, your body won’t be able to process food for energy. ***

Specialists Speak

The health of your liver can affect practically every part of your body. That's why every medical specialist is concerned about your liver, not just the hepatologist (liver specialist). Here's what they have to say…

The Endocrinologist

Liver disease can affect hormone production, especially insulin, and the way the liver handles thyroid hormones. It is common for menstruation and fertility to be impaired. Males with cirrhosis, especially alcoholics, often have shrunken testicles, erectile dysfunction, low sperm production and may develop female characteristics such as enlarged breasts.

Importance of Liver Care


Your liver takes care of your overall health, but it also depends on you to take care of it so that it can do its job properly. However, it seldom complains when it is injured… until the damage has reached an advanced stage. So it needs your help every day to keep it healthy.

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How's Your Liver?


The importance of our liver is very often forgotten and ignored…until it fails. Trust us, you won’t want that to happen. Find out if your lifestyle is putting your liver at risk of damage with this simple questionnaire and start caring for your liver today.

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** Liver Health Facts *** How the Liver Works # + ^ Tips for Healthy Liver 

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